Love Over Fear: Digital Story Assessment

Digital Story Assessment:  Topic Selection and Research (____/10 points): The students should select an appropriate and engaging topic. The content of the story should be chosen based on student interest and relevant information for the desired audience. From there, the students will need to perform research about the topic that is based on both quantity … More Love Over Fear: Digital Story Assessment

Script & Storyboard: Love over Fear

  By: Delaney Burns, Andrew McNutt,  Josie Schuman, Grant Sutliff,  Images by Josie, Andrew, & Delaney Music by Andrew’s Kalimba Effects: Burn  Audio: Serious music starting soft and hitting a wonky erie couple notes in the point of the conflict resolving into soft, emotional familiar theme music   Script: Elena ran outside after hearing her 3-year-old … More Script & Storyboard: Love over Fear